Hello and welcome! My name is Michelle and I am the author of this site. When I complete arts and crafts projects or what I consider fiber art I post them here and sign the back. I use the pen name Michelle A Meadows for privacy reasons such as identity theft and gossip. This used to be a lifestyle blog with a variety of categories ranging from gardening to beekeeping to craft projects etc.  I am currently redesigning this blog to focus more on my craft projects. Currently, I am in the process of changing the name from Sew Isabel to Studio 7300. I plan to change this from a lifestyle blog to a place where I enjoy and focus on learning arts and crafts as a hobby.

Verified Social Media: Some social media sites have the name Sew Isabel or Studio 7300 registered but it is not me. I have Sew Isabel registered on Pinterest and YouTube. I signed up Studio 7300 on Instagram and YouTube and Etsy. 

Disclaimer: Copyright does not protect facts and general knowledge but it may protect the way it is presented.  No need to contact for permission of brief passages and quotations with the source given. This is a personal blog and it is not immune from typos and human error. Information is given on a good faith effort and expert status is not claimed. Also note an effort has been made to verify the blog when possible, but spam and unverified use of this blog name cannot always immediately be addressed. Use own discretion. Please contact me if I have violated any copyright(s) and or fair use law(s) etc. and I will make an effort to correct the error(s).

***Under Construction*** 

***Currently, redesigning blog***