Jackson Pollock Style Drip Action Technique Paintings

Jackson Pollock Drip Style Paintings

Thursday, August 18th, 2022

Above is a photo of two small Jackson Pollock style paintings I am working on. In the future I plan to edit this post and add more details. I used tar gel and liquid acrylics and sometimes sprinkled glitter on top of it. The background is a piece of music themed scrapbook paper. Eventually I want to add some imitation gold leaf and the 3″ (7.62cm) wood cutout of the thirty-second note (or demisemiquaver in the British Isles) or treble clef etc. About every day or every other day I enjoy going to this area and sort of throwing the tar gel on these primed and sealed canvas panels. It is just one color a day or every other day to let the paint/tar gel dry. These are not large, only 8″ x 8″ (20.32cm x 20.32cm) birch cradled canvas panels.  

Place du Carrousel Diamond Painting

Camille Pissarro Place du Carrousel, Paris, 1900

About the Place du Carrousel

The Place du Carrousel is the former location of Tuileries Palace. This location has significance and history pertaining to the French Revolution and the overthrow of the monarchy. In 1789 a mob forced the royal family to move from Versailles to Tuileries Palace. In 1792 Tuileries Palace was invaded by mainly working-class people and a guillotine was erected in the Place du Carrousel and King Louis XVI was put on trial. King Louis XVI was executed most prominently for high treason on January 21, 1793 at the Place de la Révolution or the Place de la Concorde which is between the Seine and Tuileries Garden. In 1800 Napoleon Bonaparte moved into Tuileries Palace.

Tuileries Palace was later burned, and it is unclear to me exactly who burned it and why and it may officially be a mystery. Currently, the Place du Carrousel includes the glass pyramid in front of the Louvre Museum. The provenance explains the painting was confiscated during WWII and eventually restituted. This painting is a view from a hotel room Pissarro rented on the rue de Rivoli. In his older age an eye infection often would not allow him to paint outside. He was either 69 or 70 years old when he painted this. Pissarro's 1897 "Boulevard Monmartre, Spring Morning" sold for over $32 million (19.9 million pounds) in 2014. The most expensive price paid for a Pissarro painting (as of 2022).

Impressionist paintings often represent progress and focusing on the present moment. It was a novel style as the norm at the time was painting heroic moments of the past and staged scenes and religious themes and portraits and using invisible brushstrokes with little texture to make the paintings look realistic etc. Painting subjects were more idealized and romanticized. Impressionist painters focused on the present and painted everyday 'mundane' scenes and people and used visible brushstrokes etc.

Place du Carrousel, Paris 1900 Camille Pissarro nga.gov restituted

Place du Carrousel, Paris, 1900, Camille Pissarro 

Public domain, open access, digital image released by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, under Creative Commons Zero (CC0). https://www.nga.gov/collection/art-object-page.52199.html


YouTube video ‘What happended to Louis XVI? A swift public execution’ Origins OSU channel, uploaded January 29, 2019, accessed August 13, 2021

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Wikipedia contributors. (2021, August 5). Execution of Louis XVI. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 21:42, August 13, 2021, from https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Execution_of_Louis_XVI&oldid=1037272221

Lewis, Robert. “Place de la Concorde”. Encyclopedia Britannica, 7 Dec. 2017, https://www.britannica.com/place/Place-de-la-Concorde. Accessed 13 August 2021. 

Various lectures from wondrium.com, the great courses, Living the French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon, Dr. Suzanne M. Desan of the University of Wisconsin-Madison



Completed 2017-2021

Pictures of some of my completed craft projects from 2017-2021. This used to be a page that was periodically updated.  This is not all of my artwork and craft projects. There are also quite a few projects from several years ago that I still have not finished.  There are some additional details on my craft projects published under older posts you can find using the search box of this site.


2021 Completed Artwork & Craft Projects

2018 - 2020 Completed Craft Projects

2017 Completed Craft Projects

Texture Paintings January 2021

Texture PaintingsTexture Paintings

Above are pictures of three texture paintings I completed this month.  I listed the supplies I used below. I added lots of glitter to all three of these and both of the swirl painting have three different colors. The geometric triangle painting is different shades of blue with the gold mica flake paint. I used the YouTube video How to make a Wall Decor DIY /Demo/ Decorative Texture Pannel/ on Canvas by Julia Kotenko https://youtu.be/3QVwvGkt7Bs as a tutorial and inspiration for this. I added glitter probably at every coat and layer and process for each painting.

General Supplies

  • 8×10 stretched canvas
    • 20 cm x 25 cm or 20.32 cm x 25.4 cmModeling Paste 8x10 Canvas and Palette Knife
  • 8″x10″ gallery frame
    • 20 cm x 25 cm or 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
    • used the Ambiance (TM) 1.5″ depth gallery frame in black from jerrysartarama.com
  • palette knives, paint brushes, non-favorite paint brush for the varnish etc.
  • assorted glitter in gold, pink, extra fine crystal diamond etc.
  • adhesive for gluing the ribbons on the back where I signed my pen name and added the year completed
    • used Yes! Paste
    • used a permanent Sharpie (R) marker for signing my name
  • A craft sponge for adding the gold paint on top of the blue or the sliver on top of the pink or rose gold swirl paintings
    • I should have used a sea sponge because they are all unique and have different textures
  • Modeling/Molding/Texture Paste

Blue Swirl Supplies

  • blue-gold paint was used as the first layer or base coat after the texture paste driedUnpainted Texture Paintings
  • put gold paint with a sponge on top of the blue-gold paint maybe it was the iridescent gold color, I can’t remember
  • I mixed the blue-gold paint (opal magic art alchemy brand) with black paint for the final brushes on the top
  • Gloss Medium & Varnish

Rose Gold Supplies

  • Rose Gold Metallic Paint, Acrylic, DecoArt (R), probably got this from createforless.com
    • used as the base coat or first layer of paint after the texture paste dried
  • silver paint was sponged on top of the rose gold paint
  • I mixed the rose gold paint with silver and black paint for the final brushes on the top
  • Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins Dimensional Adhesive (TM))
    • used as a final varnish

Blue Triangles Geometric Painting Supplies

  • different shades of blue for the triangles
    • Cerulean Blue Hue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue
    • Blue-gold paint (opal magic art alchemy brand)
  • Blue Gold Swirl Texture Painting With Modeling PasteGold Mica Flake (Large) Paint (Golden Acrylics (TM) for the lines separating the triangles)
    • This painting did not fit in a gallery frame due to the gold mica flake acrylic paint I put on the side of it. You can see the pile of gold flake at the bottom of the photo I took off to try to fit it into the frame, but it did not work. Maybe a floater frame for this painting if I decide to frame it. I actually added copper acrylic metallic paint to the side of this after I varnished it and took off some of gold mica flake paint. Going forward I plan not to add texture to the sides of paintings. I used black paint and iridescent gold (golden acrylics brand) on the sides
  • Copper metallic liquid metals acrylic paint
  • Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins Dimensional Adhesive (TM))
    • I added this on last as a varnish and sprinkled glitter on top
    • I added glitter probably at every coat and layer and process

For the paints and supplies I just used multiple brands (Liquitex, Memory, Amersterdam, Artist’s Loft, Sargent Art etc.). I am not really sure what the best brand is or if it makes a difference or that great of a difference.

Completed Craft Projects Page November 2020

A list of my completed craft projects. This page is periodically updated. Unfortunately, I still have various art projects I have not posted to this list yet. This is not all of my artwork and craft projects. There are also quite a few projects from several years ago that I still have not finished. In the future, I plan to go through all of my artwork and craft projects and add more photos and notes.

Year Completed: 2020 – 2018 – 2017 – Childhood Art

2020 Completed Craft Projects

  • three cats partial diamond paintingThree cats diamond painting
  • Year Completed: 2020
  • Notes: Reminds me of my cat Tabby at the shelter with her two other sisters. They all got adopted. I still remember going to the shelter with my dad. This was a kit purchased on AliExpress over a year ago. I glued it to mat board and it did warp. In the future I am not using mat board, only canvas panel or stretcher bars with acid-free foam board. I did seal it with a glaze (Judikins Diamond Glaze) and I learned you have to be somewhat slow and gentle applying the glaze or some of the diamond drills will become loose and you will brush them off of their original placement.


  • Chateau chateau de chambord craft projectDe Chambord, France
  • Year Completed: 2020
  • Notes: I purchased the canvas poster from AliExpress.I added the ribbon and some patched and picked out the fabric from the remnants section at Joann Fabrics and Craft store. Next time I might glue the poster the canvas parially as it is just not flat on the fabric. I satin stitched the sides and then hand stitched the ribbon. I stapled it to stretcher bars with foam board. In the future I will probably glue the fabric to the foam board. I actually put it in a frame with plexglass and am hoping to get a point driver for Christmas to secure it to the frame.

Yellow Roses Diamond Painting Kit Completed

  • Yellow Roses Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit
  • Year Completed: 2020
  • Slideshow: Yes
  • Blog Post: No
  • Notes: Used yellow fabric for the background. Actually sealed the diamond painting with acrylic matte gel medium (probably not the ideal sealer) and it still has a nice since. Framed on 16×20″ (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm) stretcher bars. The kit was purchased on AliExpress. It uses round diamond and not square. I currently prefer the square diamonds. I added ribbon and the picture frame/decorative bookend corners using acrylic matte gel medium. I signed the back and added my custom sewisabel stamp. The kit may have cost around $5 and the stretcher bars and fabric etc maybe around $10 plus labor and shipping costs. I think a fair price is at least $30 for the completed and framed kit.

2018 Completed Craft Projects

Tabby Cat In Flower Pot Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit

  • Tabby Cat In A Flower Pot Diamond Embroidery Painting Kit
  • Location: Displayed On Wall At Home
  • Year Completed: 2018
  • Slideshow: Yes
  • Blog Post:


  • Doorway Diamond Painting Embroidery KitDoorway Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit
  • Year Completed: 2018
  • Slideshow: Yes
  • Blog Post:
  • Cost:
  • Supplies:


  • Maple Leaf Park Paint By Number CompletedMaple Leaf Park Paint By Number Completed
  • Year Completed: Probably 2018, did not write on back yet
  • Slideshow: Yes
  • Notes: I have this framed in a Blick (R) wood gallery frame (16×20 size or 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm) that holds stretched canvas up to 1.5″ deep



  • Happiness and Longevity Pig Cross Stitch KitPig Cross Stitch Kit
  • Year Completed: 2018
  • Notes: Kit purchased on AliExpress. I signed the back using fabric marker on an additional piece of fabric I attached to the back. The back turned out really nice, but I ended up covering it didn’t fit in the embroidery hoop without extra fabric.


2017 Completed Craft Projects

Going forward I plan to frame my diamond painting kits using acid-free foam board and stretcher bars or just adhere them to a canvas panel board or acid-free foam board. I did not glue these to the foam board and used to thread to secure the back and add the string or yarn.

Deer Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit Completed

  • Deer Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit
  • Location: Storage
  • Year Completed: Probably 2017, did not write it on the back




Park Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit Completed

  • Park Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit
  • Location: Personal Home Storage
  • Year Completed: 2017




  • 20180203_192840Tabby cat with flower diamond painting kit
  • Location: Personal Home Storage
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Slideshow: None
  • Blog Post: None
  • Cost:
  • Supplies:




Cross Patch Bead Embroidery Craft Project

  • Cross Patch Bead Embroidery Craft Project
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Slideshow: No
  • Blog Post: No
  • Notes: This was just a cross patch I purchased on eBay and I added it to an embroidery hoop. I added a few extra beads to the patch and added some black tulle to the fabric for more of a shine. I painted the embroidery hoop and added a glaze.


Plaid Bucilla ® Stamped Embroidery - Bee Yourself Kit Completed

  • Plaid Bucilla ® Stamped Embroidery – Bee Yourself Kit
  • Year Completed: 2017
  • Slideshow: No
  • Blog Post:
  • Cost:
  • Supplies:


Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

  • Dimensions (R) embroidery kit number 72-74048
  • Size: 6″ (15.2 cm)
  • Year Completed: May 2017
  • Slideshow: No
  • Blog Post: No
  • Cost:
  • Supplies:


  • Below are 3 coloring canvases of Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden that my dad got me as gift for either my birthday or Christmas. I colored in the flowers and leaves with marker and used yellow acrylic paint for the background. In the future I may add a fixative spray to them.
  • Then there are two partial round drill diamond mosaic paintings I purchased from AliExpress (the sunflowers and deer).
  • Then there is the winter tree cross stitch kit I purchased on AliExpress for myself. It was a good deal. It was 11ct printed and I added the sequins and beads around it. The size is 14″x14″ (35.56cm x 35.56cm). I have all four seasons of that tree, and plan to put them together in a 30″x30″ (76.2cm x 76.2cm) piece with my dads help. I can buy a 30″x30″ frame that is 2″ (5.08cm) deep from Jerry’s Artarama such as the Gotham Black Deep Gallery Frame and fit each of the four cross stitch trees in that. Otherwise I would have to go a custom route which is generally more money. I plan to frame each of the four seasons trees on 14″x14″ stretcher bars and then my dad is going help me put spacers between them and then I am going to frame them in a 30″x30″ extra deep gallery frame.


completed coloring canvas Johana Basford


I decided not to frame the diamond painting kit of a park below and only consider it partially completed (since it is unframed). It was foolishly sealed with matte gel medium and it has no shine except for a a little glitter. The plan is to just let this sit in storage.

Diamond Painting Kit

I decided not to frame the snow castle cross stitch kit below. I kind of learned the hard way why they are never framed with ribbon and fabric. I ended up ironing the ribbon (from the dollar store) which has wire and the wire melted and it ended up not having the look I wanted and it would just take a long time to redo things. Maybe later I will come back and finish this.

Snow Castle Cross Stitch Kit

  • Snow Castle Cross Stitch Kit
    • as of April 2020 have it is basically done except for embellishing the frame and then stapling it to 11 in x 14 in or 27.94 cm x 35.56 cm stretcher bars
    • this kit was purchased September 2017 was probably around $5.00 or $4.25 plus the cost of the ribbon and stretcher bars and fabric and beads and acid free foam board and the frame and labor.  The total is probably around $30.

Childhood & High School Artwork Photos

Below are photos of some of my childhood artwork that my dad saved. I took the photos in August 2020. Some of it is definitely from the 90s.

childhood art

first to third grade art

childhood art 4th grade

fourth grade coloring project

coloring fourth grade

fourth grade coloring project

love my daddy childhood artwork

high school self-portrait7th grade art

Château de Chambord Craft Project

  • Supplies:
    • H43 Postscript Denim 59 80% Cotton 20% Linen, machine wash cold, tumble dry low, fabric remnant dated 3-17-2018 (0.807 yd x $29.99 = $24.20 and remnants are 50% off) purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
    • 16″ x 20″ stretcher bars (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
    • sewed on patches with machine, then went over the flower patch by hand with green thread
    • sewing the ribbon on by hand
    • sewed the sides of the canvas poster with a satin stitch using my sewing machine
    • next time may glue/use mat gel medium on the canvas poster and possibly put it on last as I was bending it while I hand sewed the white rose patch and even the ribbon
    • Château de Chambord Large Size Famous Architectures Prints in Europe Rome Florence Berlin Home 20x10in no frame US $8.25 purchased on AliExpress in December 2017
  • Process:
    • assembled stretcher bars using glue and a staple gun
    • signed the back using a sharpie and ribbon and the custom ‘Sew Isabel’ stamp I purchased
    • I stapled this to stretcher bars with acid free foam board glued to the stretcher bars and did not use any adhesive such as acrylic matte gel medium
      • in the future I plan to paint the sides of the stretcher bars and cut the fabric to the size of the stretcher bars and zigzag stitch the edges and then sew on rattail binding and then use adhesive to secure the project to the acid free foam board on the stretcher bars
    • Next time I might glue the canvas to the fabric partially as it is just not flat on the fabric. However, I am working on another project now in which I glued a canvas poster with acrylic matte gel medium to a canvas panel board and it has air bubbles despite using a small craft squeegee tool.
    • I satin stitched the sides of the canvas poster to the fabric with my sewing machine and then hand stitched the ribbon. The edges of the fabric are secured with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. I actually put this in a frame with Plexiglas and am hoping to get a point driver for Christmas to secure it to the frame.

I would have posted a slideshow on YouTube of this but because of the video “What a Copyright Strike Taught Me – A Wake Up Call for the Diamond Painting Community” by Tiny Worlds of Wonder (https://youtu.be/l7Vo44-B6bc) I don’t want to take any chances with copyrights. My YouTube channel is not anywhere near the commercial/monetization level so maybe I could get away with it. If it is for personal use it is generally much safer with copyright issues than if there is commercial use.  I have older craft kits I purchased and did not think copyright was an issue with them. Going forward I going to make sure it is a copyright free item and stick to the public domain photos and or older paintings or have something uniquely my own. My next diamond painting kit I plan to work on is “The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning” by Camille Pissarro purchased from AliExpress seller Zamyel Store. This craft project is not a diamond painting kit, but the Château de Chambord canvas poster image may have a copyright that is not public domain. I just purchased the canvas poster as I thought it was pretty and it really looked like a large and old and stately château.

My Preferred Canvas Sizes

Recently (April 2020), I noticed I have not used a lot of standard canvas sizes and when I was looking into framing it generally costs much more and is more difficult to work with a non-standard or uncommon size. In the future I plan to use the following common canvas sizes:

  • 11″ x 14″
    • 11 to 14 aspect ratio
    • 27 cm x 35 cm
      • 27.94 cm x 35.56 cm
    • medium-sized rectangle canvas
    • common size
  • 12″ x 16″
    • 3 to 4 aspect ratio
    • 30 cm x 40 cm
      • 30.48 cm x 40.64 cm
    • medium-sized rectangle canvas
    • common size
  • 16″ x 20″
    • 4 to 5 aspect ratio
    • 40 cm x 50 cm
      • 40.64 cm x 50.8 cm
    • medium-sized rectangle canvas
      • more on the border of medium-to-large-sized canvas
      • probably the largest standard/common medium-sized canvas
    • common size

Occasional Canvas Sizes

I may occasionally consider the following common canvas sizes:

  • 8″ x 10″
    • 4 to 5 aspect ratio
    • 20 cm x 25 cm
      • 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
    • medium-sized rectangle canvas
    • common size
  • 9″ x 12″
    • 3 to 4 aspect ratio
    • 23 cm x 30 cm
      • 22.86 cm 30.48 cm
    • medium-sized rectangle canvas
    • common size
  • 12″ x 12″
    • 1 to 1 aspect ratio
    • 30 cm x 30 cm
      • 30.48 cm x 30.48 cm
    • medium-sized square canvas
    • common size
  • 20″ x 20″
    • 1 to 1 aspect ratio
    • 50 cm x 50 cm
      • 50.8 cm x 50.8 cm
      • maybe 51 cm is not common, some online charts such as lucyart.co.uk have this as 50 cm and not 51 cm
    • large-sized square canvas
    • common size
      • think this is more of a fairly common size
  • 18″ x 24″
    • 3 to 4 aspect ratio
    • 45 cm x 60 cm
      • 45.72 cm x 60.96 cm
    • large-sized rectangle canvas
    • common size

Right now, I am leaning towards the medium sizes of 11 x 14 and 12 x 16 and occasionally 16 x 20. If the canvas size is large I have found it more difficult to work with and transport and it costs more to frame and ship etc. Due to those reasons I definitely prefer common medium canvas sizes. Larger canvas sizes are eye-catching and make a statement, but it is not a good fit for me right now. Larger sizes generally seem like they are for the more advanced artists and craft enthusiasts. Of course, that is not always true and there are amazing and very advanced miniaturist artists.  Arts and crafts are subjective. Some people prefer large canvas sizes and others do not, it just depends. It is ultimately a personal preference and judgement. There is nothing wrong with using uncommon canvas sizes. However, I find the benefits of common medium sized canvases a great fit for me.


Tabby Cat Diamond Embroidery Kit


  • 25x25cm (9.84 in) square drill diamond embroidery kit of a tabby cat in a flower pot (also called diamond painting or rhinestone or diamond mosaic kit)
  • 16x16in (40.64cm) stretcher bars
  • burlap ribbon
  • acid free foam board, exacto knife to cut it to 16x16in
  • sequins & seed beads & decorative lace cat patch
  • all-purpose thread, needle, needle threader (for attaching the decorative cat patch, and sequins and seed beads to the burlap ribbon border)
  • gem letters (artskills.com)
  • Judi-Kins Diamond Glaze, dimensional adhesive
  • fake suede fabric and scissors/rotary cutter to cut it to wrap around 16x16in stretcher bars
  • matte gel medium
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine to zigzag stitch around fabric to prevent fraying (probably an optional step)
  • staple gun to staple the fabric to the stretcher bars

Above is a YouTube slideshow of a diamond embroidery kit I completed in 2018. It is 27 photos in sequential order, and I posted it on YouTube January 1, 2019. The kit was purchased online and I chose it because it reminds me of my first cat, Tabby, that I grew up with. I added the sequins and seed beads by hand around the burlap ribbon using all-purpose thread and a standard/regular needle. I sewed (via the sequins and seed beads) and glued the the kit to a piece of fake suede fabric and then used my sewing machine to zigzag stitch around the edge of the fake suede fabric to prevent fraying. I glued an acid free foam board (cut to the size of the stretcher bars with an exacto knife) using matte gel medium (which is not supposed to yellow and is basically permanent). I glued the kit to the fabric, but not to the foam board. I signed the back of the foam board with permanent marker and added ribbon and a custom stamp.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section. Let me know if I left anything out or anything is confusing.

Doorway Diamond Embroidery Kit

Below is a slideshow of my progress completing a doorway diamond embroidery kit.


  • posted this on YouTube August 24, 2018
    • removed video November 2020 out of concern of copyright issues, not sure if it is public domain
  • 30 x 40 cm (11.8″ x 15.7″) pre-framed doorway diamond embroidery kit, purchased on AliExpress from seller Painting Handmade Store
  • fiverr.com slideshow creator ragavendran2016, music Swing by Peyruis https://soundcloud.com/peyruis
    • video slide in the middle is fast-forwarded, was originally 1:15
      • The video slide shows how it is important to place the provided drill mud (in my case it is a semi-transparent pink color) on the provided drill (in this slideshow it looks like a pink pen) and then to place the diamonds/beads on the corresponding location
    • took and chose all the photos and video slide myself, I adjusted the camera multiple times for the video slide
  • used picture hanger wire and screw eyes on the back and have it hanging on a 3M brand Command damage free wire utility hook hanger on the wall
  • ended up putting ‘Jolee’s Boutique All That Bling Mini Adhesive Stud Gems’ purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics on the frame
  • used a foam brush to apply Judikins Diamond Glaze Dimensional Adhesive (purchased from createforless.com) over the finished kit
    • there were a few diamonds that came off when I did this, I was able to replace all of them except for one, I could not and still cannot figure out where it was on the kit or where it could be, next time I will brush on the glaze a little more slowly and possibly use a small picture painting brush and make sure to let heavy books sit on top of the kit to make sure the beads adhere the adhesive backing
    • it may have been unnecessary to use the glaze, but I wanted to add more security to the diamond bead adhesion
    • I read about different glazes and how some of them may or may not yellow over time, like decades, Judikins is acid free and applied in a thick layer and exposed to prolonged sunlight it may yellow, acrylic gel mediums are supposedly non-yellowing
  • on the back I used matte gel medium with a foam brush and a craft glue to adhere the sequins
    • the matte gel medium did smear the marker where I signed my name and the date(because I placed it on top, apparently it is best place it on the back and the apply the beads, paper etc) and I ended up cutting my signed name and date on cardstock and then gluing with the matte gel medium on the back of the paper
    • next time I would brush the matte gel medium on the back and then apply the beads, paper etc, it takes a long time for it to dry, at least overnight
    • kind of learned the hard way to place matte gel medium on the back first and then apply the beads etc. and then maybe also a top layer
  • in the future I would like to list some of my artwork/completed kits for sale on this site, I think a price for this completed kit should be around $50 because of the cost of shipping, the kit/materials, slideshow and labor
  • the camera photo dates range from March 2018 to August 2018. The reason for the span of over five months is probably because I have a job, I have to take care of myself, and I have other hobbies and things to attend to and I tend to have half finished craft projects around (when I am working on one craft project I tend to start another one). If I was to have worked full-time on completing the kit, realistically, I think it would have taken 3 to 5 days to complete. Of course, really pushing things it could be done in less time. However, working that fast would probably negatively affect my health and I would not enjoy working on it that much, and the quality would be lower. As a general rule each portion the size of your hand takes about an hour. I did not time myself, but this definitely took hours and hours. I do not mind spending time on these projects because it helps with stress relief and increases focus and I am able to listen to the radio, a webcast, YouTube video etc. while I complete the kit.