Books of the Bible

Below is a chart of all 66 books in the Bible pasted below and also in a Word document that can be downloaded below. I thought it would be nice for those of us that don’t know and especially nice for Christians as Christians are often criticized for not knowing information such as this. It does take a while to learn these things, so I would not be upset with a new Christian and it is more a matter of the heart than intellectual knowledge if you ask me. It is more important to understand the concepts of the Bible than name all 66 books although there is a place for that. The first 39 Old Testament books are written in Hebrew and the majority of theGutenberg Bible
27 New Testament books are written in classical Greek. The first 5 books are also known as the The Law, Pentateuch or Torah. has some craft projects for learning the books of the Bible for Sunday school teachers and or family holiday parties and or anyone else interested, of course.  The books Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Kings are sometimes called Former Prophets and Isiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, The Twelve are called Latter Prophets. Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Chronicles are part of The Writings and called Historical Books. Psalms, Proverbs, and Job are called Poetical Books and are part of The Writings. Song of Songs, Ruth Lamentations, Esther, Ecclesiastes are called the Five Rolls (Megilloth) and part of The Writings. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are the Gospels and Acts is The History (of the early church). The Pauline Epistles are Romans to Philemon and the General Epistles are James to Jude. Revelation is the Prophecy.

There are outside sources to support this cannon, but not included in it such as the edict of Diocletian (AD 303) that called for  killing of Christians and burning of Scriptures.  Of course, this caused Christians to defend and discover which documents were worth protecting and risking their lives for. The Mishnah noted a rabbi of the time that permitted divorcing ones wife over burning dinner and another rabbi that was against it. This enforces the issues addressed in the first five books and presents evidence consistent with the way women were treated thousands of years ago. Women were treated like property that could be disregarded over something simple like a burnt dinner. The Law asked a woman be given a certificate of divorce and the New Testament expanded on the idea. Jesus was and is known as being influential in the elevation of women rights. Sue Bohlin’s  ( article “Christianity: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Women” on expands on this. Jesus (a man) associated with women in a society where they were seen as not even worthy to testify in court. This was rare for the time. Paul called for men to love their wives.  Of course, this implied wives were to love their husbands also.

Books of the Bible Word Document: Books of the Bible

OLD Testament

NEW Testament

Written by Moses

Major Prophets

NT Narratives

1. Genesis 23. Isaiah 40. Matthew
2. Exodus 24. Jeremiah 41. Mark
3. Leviticus 25. Lamentations 42. Luke
4. Numbers 26. Ezekiel 43. John
5. Deuteronomy 27. Daniel 44. Acts

OT Narratives

Minor Prophets

Epistles by Paul

6. Joshua 28. Hosea 45. Romans
7. Judges 29. Joel 46. 1 Corinthians
8. Ruth 30. Amos 47. 2 Corinthians
9. 1 Samuel 31. Obadiah 48. Galatians
10. 2 Samuel 32. Jonah 49. Ephesians
11. 1 Kings 33. Micah 50. Philippians
12. 2 Kings 34. Nahum 51. Colossians
13. 1 Chronicles 35. Habakkuk 52. 1 Thessalonians
14. 2 Chronicles 36. Zephaniah 53. 2 Thessalonians
15. Ezra 37. Haggai 54. 1 Timothy
16. Nehemiah 38. Zechariah 55. 2 Timothy
17. Esther 39. Malachi 56. Titus
57. Philemon

Wisdom Literature

18. Job
19. Psalms

General Epistles

20. Proverbs 58. Hebrews
21. Ecclesiastes 59. James
22. Song of Songs 60. 1 Peter
61. 2 Peter
62. 1 John
63. 2 John
64. 3 John
65. Jude

Apocalyptic Epistle by John

66. Revelation