Tabby Cat Diamond Embroidery Kit


  • 25x25cm (9.84 in) square drill diamond embroidery kit of a tabby cat in a flower pot (also called diamond painting or rhinestone or diamond mosaic kit)
  • 16x16in (40.64cm) stretcher bars
  • burlap ribbon
  • acid free foam board, exacto knife to cut it to 16x16in
  • sequins & seed beads & decorative lace cat patch
  • all-purpose thread, needle, needle threader (for attaching the decorative cat patch, and sequins and seed beads to the burlap ribbon border)
  • gem letters (
  • Judi-Kins Diamond Glaze, dimensional adhesive
  • fake suede fabric and scissors/rotary cutter to cut it to wrap around 16x16in stretcher bars
  • matte gel medium
  • fabric glue
  • sewing machine to zigzag stitch around fabric to prevent fraying (probably an optional step)
  • staple gun to staple the fabric to the stretcher bars

Above is a YouTube slideshow of a diamond embroidery kit I completed in 2018. It is 27 photos in sequential order, and I posted it on YouTube January 1, 2019. The kit was purchased online and I chose it because it reminds me of my first cat, Tabby, that I grew up with. I added the sequins and seed beads by hand around the burlap ribbon using all-purpose thread and a standard/regular needle. I sewed (via the sequins and seed beads) and glued the the kit to a piece of fake suede fabric and then used my sewing machine to zigzag stitch around the edge of the fake suede fabric to prevent fraying. I glued an acid free foam board (cut to the size of the stretcher bars with an exacto knife) using matte gel medium (which is not supposed to yellow and is basically permanent). I glued the kit to the fabric, but not to the foam board. I signed the back of the foam board with permanent marker and added ribbon and a custom stamp.

Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section. Let me know if I left anything out or anything is confusing.