Sewing Projects 2012

This bag was started as part of a beginning sewer’s class at JoAnn Fabric & Craft.  You can see my currently fourteen year old cat looking at the camera. She likes to keep me company, is great company, was adopted from The Anti-Cruelty Society in Chicago, and was born in 1998. I have not completed the bag yet, but hope to try to sell it on Etsy when I finish. I have added some ribbon and decorative stitches and a butterfly punch needle kit design from Dimensions. You can see there are two linings I could choose from, the white or green design. I also have to add the handles or straps on the bag and will probably use large buttons to secure them.


Here is a McCalls Pattern 3341 Misses Skirt completed from a class at a local sewing machine dealer and a matching tunic I would like to make. There are some parts I would like to customize of the tunic such as not using the recommended size for a better fit and making the sleeves longer. Hope to use it for personal use and to learn to sew better. The pattern for the tunic is Kwik Sew ( 3683 Fun & Easy Misses’ Tunic, Belt & Scarf. It is a pretty basic, simple, and quick pattern. However, as a beginner I appreciate the help of an instructor with this pattern.


This is a wall hanging quilt kit I bought from the Quilt & Sew Shop online. It is for the Log Cabin Star and includes instructions, batting, and fabric.  This size is rather small at 22” x 22” (55.88 cm x 55.88 cm). Still, as a beginner I am happy with this. I do not think an advanced quilter would use a kit, but it is all a learning experience.



This is from a beginner’s quilting class I took at Joann Fabrics and Crafts. The instructor was really good but openly deviated from the the recommended project and course outline. I have not added the backing yet and am still working on the border. It is not really a quilt, but was good practice. I think I could use it as a sort of sitting blanket for my currently fourteen year old cat Tabby.



This is to make a fringed denim tote as per a free project design at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft. The skill level is two (some experience necessary) and the estimated time is three hours and forty five minutes. I am using old denim clothes that I no longer wear or that do not fit me anymore. It calls for two different shades of denim. I also have a punch needle of a cat looking out a window from Dimensions (R) ( I was using a punch needle set from Boye ( and was happy with it but then the needle threader broke and I was unable to find a replacement even online. The replacements were for different brands and too short for the Boye punch needle. I might have to buy a new punch needle set from Boye, but I do not need and want the additional punch needles. I will probably switch to a different brand of punch needles. I am not sure what I am going to do with the Boye punch needles, as they are too difficult to thread without the correct needle threader. They are too tall.

sewing machine clipartI am also interested in starting a stitch Bible as per the Stupendous Stitching class on I have some decorative stitches on my sewing machine that I would like to use and learn. Also, I have some patterns I got on sale (see post Pattern Buying Splurge 2012) and I cut them out in my spare time while watching TV or listening to the radio sometimes.

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  1. Jorge

    So cute and so simple. This buitnng is made from paint chips found at a home improvement store and a craft punch. With so many types of punches available, this garland idea can fit so many wedding themes. DIY tutorial at Chic Cheap Nursery.

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