Below is a delicious recipe I found on a box of gluten free pasta (Ancient Harvest Quinoa brand, I asked for permission to post the recipe and they allowed it. This is the second time I asked for permission to post a recipe and each time the people were nice and allowed it. The first time was a recipe from Whole Foods Market, so asking for permission is not as difficult as I thought, and you probably do not have to worry about never hearing back most of the time. I want to try some of the other recipes posted on You probably could post many recipes without permission, but it is often recommended to always ask.


Prepped Ingredients SUPERPASTA Stir Fry

8oz. Steak or Chicken, Cooked & Thinly Sliced
¼ cup Cooking Oil
½ cup Chopped Green Onions
¼ cup Green Bell Pepper, 1” Thin Strips
¼ cup Red Bell Pepper, 1” Thin Strips
½ cup Thin Sliced Celery
½ cup Sliced Mushrooms
1 Small Can Sliced Water Chestnuts
1 Clove Minced Garlic
Soy Sauce

Prepare Supergrain Pasta as per directions. Drain. In large skillet or wok, stir fry meat in 2 Tbsp oil until done. Add chopped vegetables, water chestnuts and garlic. Stir fry approx. 60 seconds. Remove mixture. Add remaining oil and stir fry Supergrain Pasta approx. 60 seconds. Return mixture to skillet, heat & toss. Season with soy sauce. Serves 4

Websites from ingredient tags, boxes etc.

  • – has additional recipes and information, found on box of SUPERGRAIN Pasta
  • – has Asian recipes, found on can of water chestnuts
  • – recipes and nutritional information, found on certified green onion tag

With so many websites like the ones above with good recipes it is not really necessary to have a great deal of cookbooks anymore. Maybe just a few nice ones for the luxury or occasional reference of if desired. Of course, if the electricity or Internet is down then it might be mandatory to have cookbook or know how to make something decent without either a recipe and or Internet.  I liked this recipe, and it definitely tasted good to me. I actually used a Griddler/sandwich press to make the steak and it worked well. In the past I used regular yellow or red or white onions in place of green onions and it was a bad idea. The regular onions taste much stronger than the green onions and present differently. Green onions are very different than regular onions and I would not consider regular onions a good substitute for them in my experience. It might be better to just skip the green onions. One nice thing about this recipe is it is gluten free as there are people with gluten sensitivity and or even celiac disease and gluten can cause bloating.


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