Doorway Diamond Embroidery Kit

Below is a slideshow of my progress completing a doorway diamond embroidery kit.


  • posted this on YouTube August 24, 2018
    • removed video November 2020 out of concern of copyright issues, not sure if it is public domain
  • 30 x 40 cm (11.8″ x 15.7″) pre-framed doorway diamond embroidery kit, purchased on AliExpress from seller Painting Handmade Store
  • slideshow creator ragavendran2016, music Swing by Peyruis
    • video slide in the middle is fast-forwarded, was originally 1:15
      • The video slide shows how it is important to place the provided drill mud (in my case it is a semi-transparent pink color) on the provided drill (in this slideshow it looks like a pink pen) and then to place the diamonds/beads on the corresponding location
    • took and chose all the photos and video slide myself, I adjusted the camera multiple times for the video slide
  • used picture hanger wire and screw eyes on the back and have it hanging on a 3M brand Command damage free wire utility hook hanger on the wall
  • ended up putting ‘Jolee’s Boutique All That Bling Mini Adhesive Stud Gems’ purchased at Jo-Ann Fabrics on the frame
  • used a foam brush to apply Judikins Diamond Glaze Dimensional Adhesive (purchased from over the finished kit
    • there were a few diamonds that came off when I did this, I was able to replace all of them except for one, I could not and still cannot figure out where it was on the kit or where it could be, next time I will brush on the glaze a little more slowly and possibly use a small picture painting brush and make sure to let heavy books sit on top of the kit to make sure the beads adhere the adhesive backing
    • it may have been unnecessary to use the glaze, but I wanted to add more security to the diamond bead adhesion
    • I read about different glazes and how some of them may or may not yellow over time, like decades, Judikins is acid free and applied in a thick layer and exposed to prolonged sunlight it may yellow, acrylic gel mediums are supposedly non-yellowing
  • on the back I used matte gel medium with a foam brush and a craft glue to adhere the sequins
    • the matte gel medium did smear the marker where I signed my name and the date(because I placed it on top, apparently it is best place it on the back and the apply the beads, paper etc) and I ended up cutting my signed name and date on cardstock and then gluing with the matte gel medium on the back of the paper
    • next time I would brush the matte gel medium on the back and then apply the beads, paper etc, it takes a long time for it to dry, at least overnight
    • kind of learned the hard way to place matte gel medium on the back first and then apply the beads etc. and then maybe also a top layer
  • in the future I would like to list some of my artwork/completed kits for sale on this site, I think a price for this completed kit should be around $50 because of the cost of shipping, the kit/materials, slideshow and labor
  • the camera photo dates range from March 2018 to August 2018. The reason for the span of over five months is probably because I have a job, I have to take care of myself, and I have other hobbies and things to attend to and I tend to have half finished craft projects around (when I am working on one craft project I tend to start another one). If I was to have worked full-time on completing the kit, realistically, I think it would have taken 3 to 5 days to complete. Of course, really pushing things it could be done in less time. However, working that fast would probably negatively affect my health and I would not enjoy working on it that much, and the quality would be lower. As a general rule each portion the size of your hand takes about an hour. I did not time myself, but this definitely took hours and hours. I do not mind spending time on these projects because it helps with stress relief and increases focus and I am able to listen to the radio, a webcast, YouTube video etc. while I complete the kit.

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  1. SewIsabel

    I took this off of YouTube because I am not 100% sure this is public domain. Going forward I am only using clearly public domain artwork or making something uniquely my own. I am more than happy to take this down if it is not public domain or breaks a copyright and apologize for the mistake.

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