Château de Chambord Craft Project

  • Supplies:
    • H43 Postscript Denim 59 80% Cotton 20% Linen, machine wash cold, tumble dry low, fabric remnant dated 3-17-2018 (0.807 yd x $29.99 = $24.20 and remnants are 50% off) purchased from Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
    • 16″ x 20″ stretcher bars (40.64 cm x 50.8 cm)
    • sewed on patches with machine, then went over the flower patch by hand with green thread
    • sewing the ribbon on by hand
    • sewed the sides of the canvas poster with a satin stitch using my sewing machine
    • next time may glue/use mat gel medium on the canvas poster and possibly put it on last as I was bending it while I hand sewed the white rose patch and even the ribbon
    • Château de Chambord Large Size Famous Architectures Prints in Europe Rome Florence Berlin Home 20x10in no frame US $8.25 purchased on AliExpress in December 2017
  • Process:
    • assembled stretcher bars using glue and a staple gun
    • signed the back using a sharpie and ribbon and the custom ‘Sew Isabel’ stamp I purchased
    • I stapled this to stretcher bars with acid free foam board glued to the stretcher bars and did not use any adhesive such as acrylic matte gel medium
      • in the future I plan to paint the sides of the stretcher bars and cut the fabric to the size of the stretcher bars and zigzag stitch the edges and then sew on rattail binding and then use adhesive to secure the project to the acid free foam board on the stretcher bars
    • Next time I might glue the canvas to the fabric partially as it is just not flat on the fabric. However, I am working on another project now in which I glued a canvas poster with acrylic matte gel medium to a canvas panel board and it has air bubbles despite using a small craft squeegee tool.
    • I satin stitched the sides of the canvas poster to the fabric with my sewing machine and then hand stitched the ribbon. The edges of the fabric are secured with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. I actually put this in a frame with Plexiglas and am hoping to get a point driver for Christmas to secure it to the frame.

I would have posted a slideshow on YouTube of this but because of the video “What a Copyright Strike Taught Me – A Wake Up Call for the Diamond Painting Community” by Tiny Worlds of Wonder ( I don’t want to take any chances with copyrights. My YouTube channel is not anywhere near the commercial/monetization level so maybe I could get away with it. If it is for personal use it is generally much safer with copyright issues than if there is commercial use.  I have older craft kits I purchased and did not think copyright was an issue with them. Going forward I going to make sure it is a copyright free item and stick to the public domain photos and or older paintings or have something uniquely my own. My next diamond painting kit I plan to work on is “The Boulevard Montmartre on a Winter Morning” by Camille Pissarro purchased from AliExpress seller Zamyel Store. This craft project is not a diamond painting kit, but the Château de Chambord canvas poster image may have a copyright that is not public domain. I just purchased the canvas poster as I thought it was pretty and it really looked like a large and old and stately château.

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