Texture Paintings January 2021

Texture PaintingsTexture Paintings

Above are pictures of three texture paintings I completed this month.  I listed the supplies I used below. I added lots of glitter to all three of these and both of the swirl painting have three different colors. The geometric triangle painting is different shades of blue with the gold mica flake paint. I used the YouTube video How to make a Wall Decor DIY /Demo/ Decorative Texture Pannel/ on Canvas by Julia Kotenko https://youtu.be/3QVwvGkt7Bs as a tutorial and inspiration for this. I added glitter probably at every coat and layer and process for each painting.

General Supplies

  • 8×10 stretched canvas
    • 20 cm x 25 cm or 20.32 cm x 25.4 cmModeling Paste 8x10 Canvas and Palette Knife
  • 8″x10″ gallery frame
    • 20 cm x 25 cm or 20.32 cm x 25.4 cm
    • used the Ambiance (TM) 1.5″ depth gallery frame in black from jerrysartarama.com
  • palette knives, paint brushes, non-favorite paint brush for the varnish etc.
  • assorted glitter in gold, pink, extra fine crystal diamond etc.
  • adhesive for gluing the ribbons on the back where I signed my pen name and added the year completed
    • used Yes! Paste
    • used a permanent Sharpie (R) marker for signing my name
  • A craft sponge for adding the gold paint on top of the blue or the sliver on top of the pink or rose gold swirl paintings
    • I should have used a sea sponge because they are all unique and have different textures
  • Modeling/Molding/Texture Paste

Blue Swirl Supplies

  • blue-gold paint was used as the first layer or base coat after the texture paste driedUnpainted Texture Paintings
  • put gold paint with a sponge on top of the blue-gold paint maybe it was the iridescent gold color, I can’t remember
  • I mixed the blue-gold paint (opal magic art alchemy brand) with black paint for the final brushes on the top
  • Gloss Medium & Varnish

Rose Gold Supplies

  • Rose Gold Metallic Paint, Acrylic, DecoArt (R), probably got this from createforless.com
    • used as the base coat or first layer of paint after the texture paste dried
  • silver paint was sponged on top of the rose gold paint
  • I mixed the rose gold paint with silver and black paint for the final brushes on the top
  • Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins Dimensional Adhesive (TM))
    • used as a final varnish

Blue Triangles Geometric Painting Supplies

  • different shades of blue for the triangles
    • Cerulean Blue Hue, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue
    • Blue-gold paint (opal magic art alchemy brand)
  • Blue Gold Swirl Texture Painting With Modeling PasteGold Mica Flake (Large) Paint (Golden Acrylics (TM) for the lines separating the triangles)
    • This painting did not fit in a gallery frame due to the gold mica flake acrylic paint I put on the side of it. You can see the pile of gold flake at the bottom of the photo I took off to try to fit it into the frame, but it did not work. Maybe a floater frame for this painting if I decide to frame it. I actually added copper acrylic metallic paint to the side of this after I varnished it and took off some of gold mica flake paint. Going forward I plan not to add texture to the sides of paintings. I used black paint and iridescent gold (golden acrylics brand) on the sides
  • Copper metallic liquid metals acrylic paint
  • Diamond Glaze (Judi Kins Dimensional Adhesive (TM))
    • I added this on last as a varnish and sprinkled glitter on top
    • I added glitter probably at every coat and layer and process

For the paints and supplies I just used multiple brands (Liquitex, Memory, Amersterdam, Artist’s Loft, Sargent Art etc.). I am not really sure what the best brand is or if it makes a difference or that great of a difference.

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